Penny Illustrated Skirt

In Victorian England the newspaper was a powerhouse of an institution. Weekly "penny illustrateds" appealed to classes who could not afford a daily paper, and publications like The Illustrated Police News offered a heap of sensation with splashy cover pages and splashier illustrations.


The Penny Illustrated skirt comes straight from those 1888 headlines, detailing leading illustrations, headlines, advertisements, and news stories from late-Victorian periodical publications. Actual facsimilies of these papers, the print is a Vicious Poodle PinUp original and exlusive! 


Offering a change of shape, the Penny Illustrated Skirt features a unique tuck option, allowing wearers to tack up the front of the skirt like women once tucked their aprons. The skirt can be worn full length or buttoned-up. 


The design of the Vicious Poodle retro skirt is a true circle skirt, the better to maximize twirl, and cut down on waistband bulk.  Skirts are 24 inches in length. 


Clothes come in sizes, not people, so no "standard" sizes are offered. Instead, Vicious Poodle PinUp skirts should be ordered by customer waist size, measured in inches at the natural waist, or approximately two inches above the belly button. 


Petticoat not included.


Penny Illustrated Skirt

  • 100% Cotton.  Wash inside-out on cold, with zipper fully fastened; hang dry.  Color-catcher highly recommended. For a crisp look, starch and iron reverse side on medium heat.