London St. J: The Priestess Prints

The first daughter of Lilith, hellish fires run through the veins of The Priestess, and upon her head rests the bones of fingers once pointed against her. With a wink she'll lead you into the shadows, and once she's snared you she'll grind your bones to make her bread. She's your favorite nightmare.


One professionally-printed, 8x10 fantasy art print, from the collaboration of London St. Juniper and Steve Parke. Purchased prints will be uncensored - no stars are present on the originals.


Perfect for fantasy, gaming, D&D, horror, and burlesque fans alike. 


Other sizes available upon request; prices will vary. 


Want your print personally adressed by London? Let me know in the text box below!



Please indicate image desired:

1. Come Hither shoulder look (also available as a postcard, and a compact mirror)

2. Coy Bather balanced on tub (also available as a postcard)

3. Raven Rapunzel standing 

4. Sorceress red light (also available as a compact mirror) 

5. The Chalice 

6. Demon red and blue (also available as a postcard)

7. The Red Queen standing 

London St. J: The Priestess Prints