The first daughter of Lilith, hellish fires run through the veins of The Priestess, and upon her head rests the bones of fingers once pointed against her. With a wink she'll lead you into the shadows, and once she's snared you she'll grind your bones to make her bread. She's your favorite nightmare.


One professionally-printed, 8x10 fantasy art print, from the collaboration of London St. Juniper and Steve Parke. Purchased prints will be uncensored - no stars are present on the originals.


Perfect for fantasy, gaming, D&D, horror, and burlesque fans alike. 


Other sizes available upon request; prices will vary. 


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Please indicate image desired:

1. Come Hither shoulder look (also available as a postcard, and a compact mirror)

2. Coy Bather balanced on tub (also available as a postcard)

3. Raven Rapunzel standing 

4. Sorceress red light (also available as a compact mirror) 

5. The Chalice 

6. Demon red and blue (also available as a postcard)

7. The Red Queen standing 

London St. J: The Priestess Prints

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