Coffin Pocketses
It's not often one can say so, but the eighteenth-century really got something right: pockets.
Historically, women not only had pockets, but they had pockets that could actually carry their belongings. A separate garment unto themselves, eighteenth-century pockets would often be beautifully embroidered, and were worn close to the body and tied at the waist; all other layers would then have a side slash to allow the wearer to retrieve her necessaries in a flash. 
Having seen the light as a long-time historical costumer, I bring to pinup a pocket capable of carrying a full-sized wallet, keys, phones, and even large paperback books.  The design is not only spacious, but because it is a separate garment the weight of things-one-carries won't awkwardly pull a hem, or weigh down an otherwise perfect twirl.
All Vicious Poodle skirts feature side slits to allow access to pockets, and a single set can be swapped between outfits.
The same shape as the Beautiful Corpse Coffin Pocketses, this option forgoes the Dracula embroidery.

Coffin Pocketses