AC17 Skirt

Whether you're a DM or just roll a D20 once in awhile, you can share your interest in tabletop gaming in this Armor Class 17 (+3 Integrity) two-tiered circle skirt. The embroidered embellishments are vibrant, and won't fade, peel, or crack. 


The design of the Vicious Poodle retro skirt is a true circle skirt, the better to maximize twirl, and cut down on waistband bulk.  Skirts are 24 inches in length, and feature standard pockets OR side slits for removable pocket access, and exposed, full-length separating zippers.


Clothes come in sizes, not people, so no "standard" sizes are offered. Instead, Vicious Poodle PinUp skirts should be ordered by customer waist size, measured in inches at the natural waist, or approximately two inches above the belly button. 


Petticoat not included.

Photo credit: Dino and the Kid

D20 Embroidery File: Urban Threads

AC17 Skirt

  • Poly/cotton blend.  Wash inside out on cold, with zipper fully fastened; hang dry. For a crisp look, starch and iron reverse side on medium heat, or your iron's polyester setting.