Jacqueline Boxx

 In 2017, Jacqueline Boxx became the first performer to ever compete in a wheelchair for a title at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender. Her mobility aids are as enticing as her activism, and she packs an aesthetic and emotional punch, whether she brings classic, nerdlesque, or neo-burlesque to the stage. Her background before disability involved trapeze, circus, hooping, cabaret, theater, bellydance, swing dance, ballet, and numerous other kinds of performance art, including touring with The Dresden Dolls as part of their Brigade.  Her mobility decreased gradually and these performance outlets lessened as well, until she burst back onto the stage in 2015 with a renewed feeling of partnership with her disabled body. She has performed in burlesque festivals in Las Vegas, Boston, Albuquerque, Colorado, and New York City, and has won burlesque legend Gabriella Maze's "Personal Pick" award at The Great Burlesque Exposition, and 2nd Runner Up at the 2017 Golden Legend Champion Challenge, as well as The "Glitoris" Judge's Choice award at Alterna-TEASE.   Jacqueline has also taught workshops and lectured on panels about mindful movement across the country.

Her acts are all related in some way to her experience with chronic pain and limited mobility, and she strives to bring attention through glamour and spectacle to disability.  She is: Miss Disa-burly-TEASE!