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Welcome to Vicious Poodle PinUp!


I'm London St. Juniper, a researcher, costumer, retro enthusiast, and Ms. DC Pin-Up 2017. 

I started Vicious Poodle PinUp to share my love of (often creepy) retro with other like-minded pinups, firm in the belief that beauty and brains can go hand-in-hand. I like to think of my aesthetic as "creepy cheesecake" - whimsical retro fashion with a bite.

At the 2018 launch I offer some key tenets by which I run my company: 

Vicious Poodle PinUp makes clothing and accessories for people with bodies. The aesthetic is largely what can be called "creepy cheesecake," and is intended for any human who may also think that comic aprons and coffin pockets are just what they need.


We all of us seek ourselves in our fandoms and fashions and interests  - the literal or figurative reflections which validate and affirm our place in a cultural landscape. For some this is more readily achieved than others. To this end, I open Vicious Poodle PinUp with some core tenets I believe are worth supporting.

1. Representation Matters. Wherever possible, I will promote the representation of a wide spectrum of humans in my designs and products. Most embroidery designs featured here are purchased from other artists, and thus cannot be altered for concept - I am not able to add curves to the Fire Eater, or take them away from the mermaid. I can, however, offer customers the opportunity to personalize some features, often including skin, hair, and eye color. When available, this option will be listed on the item at no additional cost. 


2. Sizing Sucks. Modern clothing sizing is arbitrary, differs between markets, and can even vary within a single brand. We've all heard that Marilyn Monroe wore a size 12, but what many don't seem to recognize is that this equates to a modern size 4 - a shift that shows just how meaningless those size numbers are. What's more, there is inherent value judgement in the labels of "straight sizes" and "plus sizes," "small" and "extra-large," indicating that one size is more desirable than another. Vicious Poodle PinUp believes it is better to know one's own body than to try to find a label on charts and graphs. To this end, sizes are listed by body measurements. One is no better than another - your body is your own, and dressing it should bring you joy. 


3. Style Has No Gender. Vicious Poodle PinUp does not offer "Mens" or "Womens" clothing and accessories. I trust potential customers to know what they like. You're fabulous - what would you like to wear today?

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